How to wear a suit with style and confidence

It is important to avoid ice cream, beer, and brown rice, which are all summer favorites. Summer can be cooler if you eat fruit, such as strawberries and watermelon. This is especially important in summer when the temperature of your body will be higher. The shirt you wear most likely will come in direct contact with your skin. It's important to ensure it is high quality. You can save yourself the hassle of changing your shirt every time you enter your office. A darker color is best for formal events. Darker colors are considered more serious and formal than lighter ones.

When wearing a suit, proportions matter. A perfect fit is crucial. Your jacket shoulders should fit properly with no excess fabric or bunching. Your wrist bone should be at the end of your jacket sleeves. If you do not like fancy or different type of blazer then check the variety of classic blazers at

Here are the basics of how to wear a suit

Because the fabric is thicker in cotton suits than in linen suits, they will be slightly different. Linen suits are perfect for summer because they are very thin. Natural fabrics like linen are also more breathable. You need to be attentive to the details of suit wear if you want to appear smart, professional, and well-dressed. Baggy trousers. We've all seen the old school man at work, paying tribute to "the good old days", but it is madness. We recommend that you choose trousers with a looser slim/skinny fit to ensure comfort and style. Your look will be shaped and sized by the fit of your trousers.

You can do this by knotting the tie. This will show you how long it looks when worn correctly. Many men don't wear their suits properly and look less professional. Shoulders: The jacket should fit properly at the shoulders if you want to look like James Bond. Your shoulders should be flattened so that the jacket fits snugly against them. This will give your look a more rounded shape. If the jacket is too tight around the shoulders, it will create tension when you button it up. A jacket that is too loose at the waist will ruin your style.

These are the 5 most common bow tie shapes

While it's fine if your suit button is a bit higher than your belly button, you want it to be within a few inches. You shouldn't wear a suit if you do something that requires a full range of motion. If you feel the sleeves too tight, it's a sign that the sleeves are not right. As with your jacket's bottom, if the sleeves are too long, a tailor cannot do anything. In that case, you will need to order a new size.

There are many other factors to consider. These include fabric, color, and the shirts, shoes, and accessories that you wear with your suit. Unbuttoned suits allow for more air to pass through, which makes them less likely to become hot or sweaty. Let's get past the trousers and jacket and move onto the shirt. People often think they don't see the shirt when looking for it. If not treated with respect, the shirt can ruin the appearance of a suitor.

Black and brown should not be worn together. A brown suit should never be worn with black shoes. It is important that the jacket fits properly at the chest. It is a good idea to place three fingers perpendicularly on the jacket and stomach.


Dry cleaning your jacket and pants together is a good idea. Only do this when absolutely necessary. If you are able to properly iron your pants, you may be able to dry clean your suit for months. You can make a big difference with a good quality antiperspirant, and a dark shirt. If you sweat a lot or in very hot weather, attach thin sanitary pads to your shirt's armpits. These will absorb sweat and protect your shirt from being stained. It all depends on which buttons you unbutton. This is acceptable if you remove the buttons from the collar.

Take a look at your shoulders

Science and art both demonstrate why proper fit is so important in determining how sharp you look. A suit's fit is the most important aspect. Avoid foods high in fat, carbs, and protein.

Lightweight and tropical wool are great options because wool is the most versatile material that a suit can make. You can start by wearing one of our Everyday Shirts if you're just starting to get into casual suits. This outfit is versatile and foolproof. via with the exception of using a tailor to make it, there isn't much else you can do.